I’ve been smoking cigarettes for over fifty years. Imagine how much money Big Tobacco have made from me during those years. A quick estimation makes it over two million USD! Not to mention the effects on my health.

During the years I’ve tried all the usual ways of quitting. All to no avail.

Then last year I tried electronic cigarettes. The simplest kind, small as a regular fag with a cotton filled tip where you filled the e-juice. It was rechargeable via an USB connection. However the smoke wasn’t that great and I had to carry several loaded and filled fags whenever I left home for longer periods. All in all it was a hassle and not very satisfying. So vaping with them became an occasional pastime.

Now it might be overdue to explain vaping. It’s a term invented by ecigg aficionados for using e-cigarettes. It’s the act of inhaling the vapour, hence vaping.

Last summer I  bought two clearomizer (the end you suck on which contains the ejuice and a coil to vaporize it. A battery and two small bottles of ejuice completed my purchase along with a charger for the battery.

What a difference! The vape was full and tasted better, the battery lasted longer. I almost quit smoking but I needed more batteries and clearomizers.

So now I have several mods (batteries) and far better tanks (clearomizers). Which means I will never be without my vaping again. The ejuice comes in a myriad of flavours, plain tobacco, candy, fruits, almost anything you can think of. My current favourite is StrawNectarPear.

I don’t miss my tobacco at all (we call them analogue fags).  The juice I use is a variation containing nicotine. But eventually I will switch to ones with no nicotine.

When I try an analogue now it just tastes like shit and it gives me no joy at all.

So if you are a tobacco user switch to ecigg. Experience the joy of vaping!