I’m on Route 66

As of January 19 I am 66 years old. For some reason I like the number 66. Maybe it’s the way it looks. Maybe it’s because of the connection to the classic rock son. Maybe .. Anyway I like the number.


What I’m not so fond of is that it also signifies how old I am. I don’t feel like a an elderly lady. 🙂 More like an alluring milf. 🙂


I gave myself a birthday present – a tattoo. It’s a magickal symbol I designed back in the eighties. It’s been living on the wall above my bed ever since. Except for a brief period lasl November and December when it was part of an art exhibition consisting  solely of cunt related art. It was called Fittkonst, Swedish for Cunt Art.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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