What’s My “Type”

Today I’m going to be utterly shallow and talk about looks and my take on why we all have a “type” that we are especially attracted to.
I think the picture of that ideal some one is formed at an early age by the people that surround you, by the culture you live in and by your peers. And who better to serve as an example than my own humble (sic) self.
I grew up in a mixed lower middle class/working class environment in Stockholm and Göteborg in the fifties and sixties. For those that are geographically challenged  that’s the two biggest cities in Sweden. And in those way back when days, my children, we didn’t even have television. Well most didn’t until the late fifties here in Sweden.
My point is that kids of my generation and location had almost exclusively Caucasian women to relate to. So that’s part of the reason I adored Sophia Loren as a child. I hadn’t seen any of her movies but could secretly gaze at her photos for ever. And she’s still the most beatiful woman over 70 I know.
That narrowed down the number of available types considerably but the variations within the remaining group are many indeed. Tall, short, thin, fat, blonde, redhead, brunette, small tits, big boobs. The combinations are endless in number. So how come I ended up with my type out of all the available ones ? I don’t fucking now, do I?
I’ve had sex with women of all shapes, creeds and most ethnicities. And what they all had in common was the fact that they were women. So i guess when it comes down to real life what really matters to me is the person I’m making love with. Not if she confirms to some type or not.
(Flashing on my inner screen: The tall redhead Icelandic girl, one night in Borås. The short dark Mickan with her wonderful breasts. The blond celeb (who shall remain unnamed) I found naked in my bed one morning. [Stop the bragging you old crone] OK, OK, I’m done for now. )
[But you were going to tell us about your type,. Come on. Spill!]Do I really have to?
[YES!]OK. “My type” is Sophia Loren. Or in the current crop of celebs Malena Ernman. But as I said I love the person not the…


[Shut up, You’ve been blabbing enough for one day] If you say so.
[I do.]

Love & lashes till the next installment

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