I am now the proud owner of a  pussy! Or as my doctors like to call it, a neovagina. And it’s about time my readers who don’t read Swedish also get to hear the good news.

On the evening of the last day of January I checked in at Karolinska sjukhuset, a big hospital here in Stockholm, in preparation for the operation. They put some needles in me in preparation for hooking me up to drugs and stuff.  I got some meds to help me sleep. Needless to say I was quite nervous.


On the morning of February 1 they rolled me and my bed up to the operating theatre. After climbing up on the table I lay on my side so they could insert a needle into my spine for an epidural block. On my back again I got some more meds and a mask over my face.  I can’t recall anything more than a short pleasant feeling and then I was under.

Some hours later I woke up in the recovery room. Woke up might not be the right word, more like drifting in and out of consciousness for an indeterminate time. I looked down and found a big package of bandages between my legs. They kept me in recovery room for about half an hour, my sense of time was a bit out of wack. When the pain had eased a bit I was rolled down to my room.

This happened on a Monday and I was to spend 24 hours a day in it until Friday with strict instructions not to move at all. Or the whole thing might heal all wrong. It was incredibly boring, The TV in my room was broken but luckily I had my computer with me and there is WiFi in the hospital so I could watch telly and download audio books and movies. Besides I was tired after the op and drugs. The pain wasn’t so bad as I was on strong painkillers.

Friday I was taken up to the operating theatre again and the bandages were removed. I was still wearing the catheter and a smaller bandage but could move around as I liked on the bed and also take a few short walks in the corridor.

Saturday and Sunday was spent getting more mobile. Monday morning the catheter was removed and the small bandage replaced with a sanitary pad. After I proved to be able to do both number one and number two on the loo I was released to go home. So I splurged out on a taxi to take me home to Casa Caisa.

The recovery took longer than I had anticipated. The wounds are healed now since several weeks, but some pain is still present around the edges of my new beautiful cunt.

I have to exercise it twice a day for 30 minutes to keep the depth. The excises consists of putting in a silicon  rod and keep it there for the 30 minutes. And no it isn’t the least exiting or sexy. In fact it’s rather boring.

If you are curious about the procedure here is an animation of how it’s done. Don’t worry it’s not scary or bloody.